HPM Pride In Ownership

Pride In Ownership

We have a long history of helping our employees build for their futures. In 1959 we began a profit-sharing plan for employees. Then in 1977 we became one of the first companies in Hawaii to establish an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Today, our employees own 100% of HPM’s stock through the ESOP.

Our employees have a reason to be proud: With one year of employment at HPM (and at least 1,000 hours worked), our employees automatically become participants in HPM’s ESOP. There’s no cost for employees to participate in the ESOP; all contributions are made by the company based on its profitability.

ESOP participants are company owners: As an ESOP participant you are no longer just an employee of the company, –you are an owner. Owner-employees have the responsibility of ensuring the company meets its short and long-term goals by providing exceptional customer service, maximizing sales, minimizing expenses and operating always within our Corporate Culture & Core Values.

ESOP Pride In Ownership

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