HPM Throwback Photo ID Contest

#HPMThrowback Results

Congratulations to Debbie “Kepola” Ogata for winning our grand prize of $930 in CASH!


debbie-ogataThank you to everyone who participated in our #HPMThrowback Contest. We hope you had as much fun as we did (and maybe learned a little something about HPM’s history in the process)! At the end of the month we had received over 600 responses, over 500 of which were correct and entered into both drawings for a chance to win… Visit our Facebook page to see all the photos that were posted and to watch a video of the grand prize WINNER being chosen by DC at the B97 & B93 studio!

Congratulations to our semi-weekly winners!

Winner #1 – Lyndsey DeSilva

Question: What year did HPM start manufacturing Custom Metal Roofing? Answer: 1963

Winner #2 – Loralyn Arakawa

Question: In 2008, HPM’s Waimea store expanded its warehouse and drive-through lumber yard. What previously occupied the land directly in the back of the Waimea store? Answer: Cabbage Patch

Winner #3 – Al Dickerson

Question: What devastation affected Hilo in 1946 and 1960 that nearly twice destroyed HPM Building Supply? Answer: Tsunami

Winner #4 - Shane Kuwahara

Question: HPM’s location in Kona originally opened as _______ in the same year Hawai`i became a state. Answer: Captain Cook Building Supply

Winner #5 - Sharon Sekiya

Question: Trusses, _______, and _______ are manufactured today in HPM’s Shipman Industrial Park facility which opened in 1994. Answer: Wall Panels and Custom Metal Roofing

Winner #6 – Lani Jones

Question: After surviving two tsunamis, HPM re-opened for business on Kanoelehua Avenue (Hilo store) in what year? Answer: 1961

Winner #7 - Brandee Azevedo

Question: In 2009, HPM’s Oahu branch relocated from Kalihi to what park site? Answer: Campbell Industrial Park

Winner #8 - Kallen Mizuguchi

Question: In _______, Kaua`i Lumber was founded to provide the island with building materials and supplies to help rebuild after Hurricane _______. (Kaua`i Lumber became HPM’s Lawai branch in 2011). Answer: 1992, Iniki

HPM Throwback Contest

In celebration of our 93rd Anniversary, throughout the month of August we posted #HPMthrowback photos on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Those who were able to correctly answer the HPM history question related to the posted photos were automatically entered to WIN one of two prizes! An HPM gift card worth $19.21 (get it, 1921?) which was awarded for each photo contest and the grand prize of $930 IN CASH!


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