A “Green” Future Ahead

2014 Wood & Lumber Resource Guide

With our long history and experience (93 years to be exact) of manufacturing and distributing wood and building products across the State of Hawaii, you can say our roots remain solid today. Starting out in 1921 as Hawaii Planing Mill, Ltd., we began planing and re-sawing timber from the Mainland to finished lumber. Though we now offer a wide variety of non-wood products, our locally treated Hi-Bor lumber continues to be very important to us and the environment.

This month’s issue of Building Industry Magazine, the “2014 Wood & Lumber Resource Guide – The Green Factor: Building a Future with Wood” article presented by the Hawaii Lumber Products Association (HLPA) explains how wood is ‘the best choice’ when deciding on building material. Why? “Wood continues to be the most popular choice in residential construction today because it is readily available and sustainable. Now more than ever before, people are looking for ways to decrease their environmental impact while still creating a space that is comfortable, useful, and beautiful.”

There are many benefits that follow when building with wood as the article explains. One example is that wood is a renewable resource. Some may think it’s harvested from random forests, however that is untrue. Many companies in the lumber industry conduct business with sustainable and certified forestry. These companies are responsible for nearly half of all the trees planted each year!

The HLPA Guide also features several photos provided by HPM of projects including Johnson Construction at Holiday Inn in Kona, GW Construction at The Arc in Hilo and Keaukaha Elementary Cafeteria.

View pictures and read more about the benefits of building with wood in the 2014 Wood & Lumber Resource Guide, part of the June issue of Building Industry Magazine.

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