HPM Building Resources Webpage

One-stop Building Resource Webpage

Are you looking for the contact information for your county’s building department? Do you need to find a local architect? Maybe you’re still in the market for vacant land and need a Realtor? Or perhaps you’re a new pro builder to Hawai`i and you’re interested in joining one of the many industry associations.

No matter what your need, if you’re interested in new construction in Hawai`i, we developed a webpage just for you! You can find our Building Resource page here or in the “Services” drop down menu.


If you have a qualifying business or organization that should be included in this Building Resource, please email marketing@hpmhawaii.com. And of course don’t forget to check out our Better Builder Directory to easily search for licensed building professionals on your island.

Build Better with HPM, and make sure to share this great resource with family and friends who are looking to build too!

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