HPM Edge Seal

Edge Seal – Fight Back Against Volcanic Corrosion

It’s called “edge creep,” and until someone invents a saw that can magically seal cuts in metal roofing as you make them, it’s a problem you can’t afford to ignore. . . especially when the solution costs less than a pizza.

Now available at HPM, “Edge Seal” is a proprietary clear, air-dried sealant that protects uncoated metal from corrosion. It was developed by Dura Coat Products, Inc.—the manufacturer providing the 35-year limited warranty on the coating for HPM’s custom metal roofing—and it is applied quickly and easily using a small roller with a short-nap cover. Edge Seal sells for $10/pint along with any roofing order or $12/pint off the shelf; one pint is sufficient for standard house projects while more is needed for larger homes or commercial structures. Over the past several years, HPM worked with Dura Coat and Steelscape—the manufacturer of our metal roof coil—to perfect the product. Local testing results clearly demonstrate that Edge Seal significantly retards the effects of sulfur dioxide. . . a compound emitted by the volcano that makes air here even more corrosive.

HPM Edge Seal

Dura Coat recommends roofing installers apply Edge Seal to all cut edges in the field. Home and business owners are encouraged to follow up every year with regular cleaning of the entire roof system and re-application of the sealant on its edges.

With proper treatment, metal roofing can last up to 50 years. Edge Seal is your best bet for maximizing the life of your roof. . . until that magical saw gets invented.

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