HPM Featured in Building Products Digest

“Now that we’re in a growth mode again, we’re focusing on the customer experience and looking at every touch point as to ‘What experience are they receiving?” - Jason Fujimoto, HPM Senior V.P. and Chief Operating Officer

It’s been ninety-three years since we first began planing and re-sawing timber from the Mainland to finish lumber. As Jason Fujimoto, Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer, explains in this month’s issue of “Building Industry Digest,” it has been quite a journey. From surviving two devastating tsunamis, a takeover by the United States Military during World War II, persevering through the recession, and dealing day-to-day with the financial burden of being over 2,000 miles away from our resources, we can say our roots remain strong.

Take a look at the article “Called Back to the Fold” to learn more about Jason Fujimoto’s journey since starting at HPM in 2004, as well as some history and insight in HPM Building Supply.


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