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Kauai Lumber's Warehouse

Kauai Lumber's Warehouse in Lawai

On December 1st we acquired Kauai Lumber, a 19-year-old, family-owned and -operated lumber company located in Lawai on the island of Kaua‘i.

“What was attractive,” says HPM Senior Vice President of Distribution Jon Miyata, “was that it is a very well-run business. HPM and Kauai Lumber are very similar. We too are a local company, and that’s how Kauai Lumber will stay and how it will continue to do business.”

Mike Fujimoto, HPM’s CEO and President, says that “HPM and Kauai Lumber share the same core values, such as respect, integrity and honesty, in how we operate. We saw this as being a merger of resources and being good for the community, and also for our associates at both companies.”

The former owner of Kauai Lumber, Joe McEvoy, will stay on as its general manager, and in fact all nine employees will continue to work for the business, which retains its Kauai Lumber name. Miyata says HPM doesn’t anticipate any changes in terms of employees, and that how Kauai Lumber does business will stay much the same.

“The difference is that there will be a wider selection of products and services,” he says, “such as HPM’s metal roofing and wall panels.”

He says the people of Kaua‘i will also be able to obtain this broader range of products and services “at better prices. Because we are bigger, we can buy direct from certain vendors that Kauai Lumber wasn’t able to purchase from without going through a middleman.”

Kauai Lumber Sign - Phone 808-332-7376

The company will continue to operate under the name "Kauai Lumber" and can be reached at 808-332-7376

Joe McEvoy was raised in the lumber business. His grandfather owned and operated McEvoy Lumber in Kirkland, Washington, and his father worked for and then owned Matheus Lumber, also in Washington. Joe worked for his dad, and then came to Hawai‘i to work at his brother’s company Maui Lumber. In October 1992, a month after Hurricane Iniki devastated Kaua‘i, he opened Kauai Lumber with two partners. He bought out the partners a couple years later.

“I really believe that the two of us together, HPM and Kauai Lumber, make a great team,” he says. “HPM has all the experience and buying power, and I bring along years and years of experience running a successful lumberyard on Kaua‘i. It’s a great opportunity to improve the market in Kaua‘i. I think it’s a wonderful thing for the island.”

Let us know if we can help you with your Kaua‘i projects. You can call Joe and his team at Kauai Lumber directly at 808-332-7376.

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