Save Up To $400 on Milgard Windows

It’s not too late to save up to $400 off your purchase of Milgard windows. No matter if you need to replace windows in your home, or if you’re building a new house, when you buy five or more Milgard windows or doors from HPM before December 20th, you can save $20 on each window (up to $400 maximum savings on 20 windows). For 90th Anniversary Coupons click here.

Milgard is known for its industry-leading Full Lifetime Warranty, so these just might be the last windows you’ll ever have to buy.

Here are some important things to consider when looking over residential consumer warranties:

  1. Is it a “limited” or “full” warranty?
  2. Are there any labor costs or service fees related to repairing or replacing the product?
  3. Does the warranty offer replacement product at no charge or a full refund if the product cannot be repaired and who makes the choice whether you receive a replacement or a refund?

You’ll notice Milgard’s residential window warranty isn’t a “limited warranty” or a “limited lifetime warranty.” It’s a “Full Lifetime Warranty” for as long as you own and reside in your home. The distinction is that full warranties meet certain federal minimum standards for written warranties on consumer products while limited warranties do not. This means that, among other things, under a full warranty, the warrantor must repair or replace the products at no charge to the consumer, and may only refund the purchase price in fulfillment of the warranty when that’s what the consumer requests. In contrast, under a limited warranty, the warrantor may charge service costs and fees related to repair or replacement. And even if parts and labor are provided at no charge under the limited warranty, the limited warrantor may reserve the right to refund the purchase price to the consumer in fulfillment of the warranty rather than making the repairs or replacing the products at no charge.

HPM stocks a wide variety of sizes in Milgard’s #1 best selling Style Line™ white vinyl windows. These narrower-profile vinyl windows combine sleek, modern lines with maximum glass area. They’re a cost-effective solution for either new homes or vinyl window replacement.

Of course you can also use the coupon to save on your purchase of special order Milgard windows and doors. Our window experts can help you to select your windows to your exact specifications, with customize glass options (obscured, tinted, tempered), grids (flat or sculptured), or special locking mechanisms.

But time is getting short, so get in to visit an HPM window expert at our Hilo, Kona, Waimea or Campbell locations soon to take advantage of up to $400 in savings!


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