HPM Building Supply - Delivery



HPM has a lot of trucks. With seven tractors, eight trailers and a slew of flat bed and roll offs on the Big Island alone, it’s one of the largest commercial fleets around. That enables us to move product from the docks to our distribution facilities and to your Hawaii job sites quicker than others.

But the system is more sophisticated than just lots of trucks and great drivers, because we know that just as important as the truck rolling in on time is that it has on it all of the product you’re expecting.

That’s where our “Order Delivery Tracking” (ODT) system comes in. An order goes through about 15 different statuses within the company. And each order is tracked through each step via bar codes, scanners and GPS, and the tracking information is available to anyone in the company. This provides complete transparency on all our orders, so nothing falls through the cracks. If an order is going to be incomplete because of a back-order or other manufacturing problem, we know about it enough in advance to communicate to you so that you can decide to either postpone the entire delivery or accept the partial order.

When an order is ready to be delivered, it’s sent to a driver’s specially equipped cell phone. After making the delivery, the driver notes it on his phone and salespersons back at the store can see that immediately, too. Drivers can also enter delivery locations on their GPS-equipped phones to make delivery even more efficient the next time. This system allows anyone in the company with the software to see the exact position of the driver anywhere on the island. This way, when you call, we can pull up the order, click ‘See truck position,’ and give you an accurate ETA.

We provide delivery to most places on the Big Island and Oahu for a very reasonable fee, free with a minimum order. On Maui, Molokai and Lanai we utilize the same ODT system, however for the last leg we rely on dependable third-party trucking services for the on-island portion of the delivery.


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