HPM Home Planning & Drafting Services

Home Planning & Drafting

It’s easy enough to provide a house plan, but much harder to plan a home.  But we’ve been doing it since 1982 (and providing materials for homes since 1921!)

We have the experience to help you decide where to place your house on the lot to take advantage of the tradewinds.  We can coach you on the materials that have been proven to stand up in the harsh sun, wind and salt air. We can ask the questions you might not think to ask, so when you move in you have a place to keep your trash cans out of site of the street, you have enough cabinet space for your forever-growing Tupperware collection, and you’ll know how you might easily expand your house in the future when your parents come to stay.

Our Home Design Consultants have helped literally thousands of Hawaii homeowners through the maze of decisions that stood between their dreams and the reality of a new home. We can do it for you, too.


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Start With 15 Proven Plans

Many customers appreciate the simplicity and the time-tested designs of our Packaged Homes. With 15 models to choose from, there’s likely a size and layout that fits your family and lifestyle. Our Home Design Consultants can assist you in selecting a package to start from, and then will help you think through any modifications to truly make the house package a unique home that matches your needs and your budget.


In-House & Out-Sourced Professional Drafting

If you plan to build an HPM Packaged Home, but want to make small changes to the interior walls of a standard plan, you can use our in-house drafting service. Our draftsperson in Hilo can quickly and cost-effectively make minor modifications to plans and provide plot plans. To determine if you’re project fits the capabilities of our in-house service, please consult with one of our Home Design Consultants.

For larger projects and modifications we regularly work with several local draftsmen. We can coordinate soliciting of drafting bids and help you to create and communicate your vision for your floor plan and home design. We can also coordinate the design and stamping of your septic cesspool system.


With You Each Step

Once your plans are complete, we will help you get all of the necessary building permits. If you are interested we can also share with you lists of licensed general and sub-contractors who we have worked with in the past, and can even assist in soliciting bids for their services. Then, before construction begins, you’ll be assigned a Project Specialist who will ensure all of your Building Materials are provided on time, based on a schedule they’ll help you to create.


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