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HPM Truss is one of the largest and most technically-advanced truss manufacturing facilities in the State. It starts with the talented  truss designers who use cutting-edge computer software to engineer designs that compliment your home.

Once you approve the design and cost estimate, the drawings are electronically sent to our Integrated MiTek® CyberSaws to cut the various Lumber components. Next, the design is projected onto one of our three production tables using a Virtek® laser system. This laser layout pinpoints the exact location of all joints and identifies all of the lumber and fastening components. From there trained builders construct the Truss and send it through a double-press system to ensure all components are bound together and secure. Quality control inspectors examine the joints and measurements of each truss prior to being stacked and readied for delivery.

Yes, we have it all down to a very efficient science, and we have the equipment, knowledge and scale to pass these benefits through to you in the form of lower cost, faster build times and a highly dependable quality truss.

HPM manufactured trusses are independently certified by Timber Products Inspection Inc. to meet or exceed International Building Code and quality requirements. Regular surprise inspections evaluate for: conforming lumber moisture content, grade and species; joint accuracy; adequate plate placement, size and press, and proper storage and handling. For a copy of the certificate please contact an HPM representative.


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If you would like to submit photos of your job for display in our gallery, or if you would like pictures taken of your HPM-supplied job, please contact our Marketing Department at marketing@hpmhawaii.com.




To start your truss design and quote just bring your plans to your nearest HPM location.


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