HPM Wall Panels

HPM Wall Panels

Save time and money when you build using HPM’s pre-engineered wall panels. HPM’s Designers create wall panel layouts and estimates from your building plans. You can choose to have your wall panels sheathed or unsheathed. We then build your panels in a clean and controlled manufacturing environment using precision saws and automated equipment which reduces material waste and insures consistent quality. Each panel is quality inspected by hand and individually labeled for quick identification.The panels are then stacked with direction from you so when they are delivered they can be staged efficiently around the jobsite. Installing the wall panels on your foundation will require fewer skilled workers and is much faster than stick-framing. It also reduces jobsite waste and theft.


Having trouble viewing this video? Click here. You can also check out a 5-minute time-lapse video showing a home built using HPM Wall Panels that’s framed, trussed and partially sided in under 10 hours!

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If you would like to submit photos of your job for display in our gallery, or if you would like pictures taken of your HPM-supplied job, please contact our Marketing Department at marketing@hpmhawaii.com.




To learn more about the benefits of wall panels and how to receive a complimentary wall panel design set and estimate, contact your nearest HPM location.

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