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Custom Metal Roofing Profiles & Substrates


Fasten-through panels are manufactured to your exact lengths and specifications at HPM’s production facility in Keaau and delivered to your jobsite. They’re fastened with exposed color-matched screws that penetrate the metal roofing and secure to the purlin or sheathing. In general, fasten-through panels are less expensive than Standing Seam panels.


HPM manufactures the Standing Seam right on your jobsite using a portable roll-former. This enables each panel to be produced to exact measurements as specified in the field as the contractor installs. Standing Seam panels are fastened using screws or concealed clips and the ribs are engaged by either snapping together or mechanically seaming. Curved and tapered treatments are available to match unique architectural designs. Photovoltaic solar panels can be easily installed on standing seam roofing using clips instead of penetrating screws.


Fasten-Through Panels


HPM Custom Metal Roofing - Commercial-Rib (Pattern 7)HPM Custom Metal Roofing - Custom 4-Rib (Pattern 9)HPM Custom Metal Roofing - Custom 6-Rib (Pattern 8)


Standing Seam Panels


Custom Metal RoofingCustom Metal RoofingCustom Metal RoofingCustom Metal Roofing


Architectural Panels


Custom Metal RoofingCustom Metal Roofing




Aluminum-zinc coated steel-coating classes AZ 50 and AZ 55 (26, 24 and 22 gauges)

Galvanized steel-coating class G-90 (26, 24 and 22 gauges)

Aluminum alloys 3105, 3003 and 3004 (.024″, .032″ and .040″)

Copper in 12, 16 and 20 ounce

Tin-zinc coated copper in 12, 16 and 20 ounce

Stainless steel (26 gauge)


Flashing & Accessories


HPM manufactures all necessary flashing and trim, and has a complete assortment of accessories including high-performance underlayments, radiant barrier insulation, sealants, ventilators, and more.