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Our Hale+ Partnership






As part of Hawaii’s building industry for nearly 100 years, weʻre excited to bring you this opportunity to provide an affordable housing solution for Hawaii Island. We value our partnership with contractors, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, other specialists and building industry professionals like you and invite you to learn more about how we can collaborate to serve Hawaii families together.


The HalePlus program was created to fill a need for small, permitted homes. Modular homes will be complementary to the traditional home building option and serve a new and eager group of prospective homeowners who are priced out of the current housing market. Your role in the sale, coordination, transportation, installation and finishing of HalePlus homes represents an opportunity for building industry professionals to serve a new, growing market of people looking for small homes and to help address Hawaii’s housing needs.









Hale+ Contractor Briefings

We invite all Hawaii Island licensed contractors, building professionals and business representatives to join us for an in-person, complimentary briefing to learn about HalePlus first-hand and to be part of a live transportation demonstration of a modular unit via crane.




Key Demonstration Highlights:

  • Complimentary, in-depth 2-hour session
  • HalePlus overview
  • Scope of work and opportunities
  • Permitting requirements
  • Site preparation
  • Guidelines and safety measures for transporting and installing
  • Hands-on demonstration of modular home transport via crane

HPM will be sharing the list of licensed contractors who are interested in serving potential HalePlus homeowners so they can easily find and connect with contractors like you.


Session Dates & RSVP Deadlines:

The next available session dates will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Questions? Contact Dennis Lin, HalePlus Program Manager (808) 731-1313 haleplus@hpmhawaii.com































Why Hale+?


Here’s how HalePlus works for you and your business.



Build faster.

HalePlus homes are completed and assembled in our factory, so you can enjoy a faster timeline to completion.


affordable housing

Bridge a critical housing gap.

Meet an incredible affordable housing need to serve Hawaii families.


trend icon

Leverage future potential.

Be on the forefront of factory built housing as a new, and growing trend for low cost, smaller footprint homes.





FAQs for Pros



1. What HalePlus opportunities exist for contractors?

Licensed contractors have a critical role in the HalePlus process. You’ll work with HPM and HalePlus homeowners to plan, coordinate, transport and install the homes. We invite all licensed contractors to attend our HalePlus demonstrations to learn more about the process and opportunities for your company.

2. How do HalePlus homes fit into the existing home building market?

Factory built housing (FBH) is not going to be a solution for everyone and will not replace traditional residential home construction. Rather, FBH is meant to supplement and complement the current industry and provide additional resources to a large existing underserved market for small, affordable homes. HalePlus homes will encompass the services of licensed plumbers, electricians and general contractors during the factory-build process as well as during the setting of the modules onsite. The significant number of affordable housing units needed over the next five years exceeds the capacity of the current industry to meet those needs.



3. Are HalePlus homes in compliance with the County of Hawaii Construction Code?

Yes. HPM has been and continues to be committed to working with the County Building Division on the application of the code as it pertains to and regulates FBH. HPM is committed to ensuring for the customer that the HalePlus units being built are comparable in quality and safety compliance to any other traditional site-built structure.

4. Is participation in the HalePlus Contractor Briefings mandatory to work on a HalePlus home?

Through our HalePlus Contractor Briefings, we welcome the interest of all our contractor customers and the opportunity to discuss the implementation of this home solution with everyone. Participation in a demonstration is not mandatory to work on a HalePlus home and HalePlus homeowners can choose to work with any professional licensed contractor they prefer to transport, install and finish their HalePlus home.




Contact Us


For any questions, please contact our HalePlus Program Manager, Dennis Lin at (808) 731-1313 or haleplus@hpmhawaii.com.