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Accounts & Credit

Accounts & Credit

Our Credit Department is ready to help you on your next project


Your business may need a line of credit to manage cash flow, which can become inconvenient when the timing of receipts doesn’t match the timing of payments for crews, subcontractors, taxing agencies, and suppliers. That’s why HPM extends lines of credit to eligible customers at reasonable terms.

HPM offers cash accounts, deposit accounts, and charge accounts to provide professionals with the ability to easily track purchases by project. With an HPM account, you may also be eligible for additional price discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why open an account with HPM?

    An HPM Account provides a credit extension, order tracking, order history, and 24/7 online account access.

  • How long will it take to process a credit application request?

    Processing takes approximately 5–10 business days from receipt of a completed application.

  • What is a resale tax rate?

    The State of Hawaii allows suppliers to extend a wholesale tax rate of .5% for contractors and subcontractors purchasing material and other services incorporated into a construction project. You must complete Form G-17 to qualify for this tax rate.

  • What is the purpose of job accounts?

    We can set up separate job accounts for each of your individual projects. Job accounts offer increased credit limits, monthly statements separated by job, expedited turnaround times for lien waiver requests, and warranty certificates.

  • How can I pay my monthly bill?

    You can pay with cash, check, ACH, or a credit card (subject to 3% fee).


Credit Application

  • New Credit Account Requests

  • Update Business Information on Existing Credit Accounts

Job Account Request Form

For Credit Accounts Only

  • Offers increased credit limits that require additional information

  • Enables tracking of purchases for specific jobs (monthly statements are separated by job)

Cash Account Form

  • Tracking purchases

  • Resale tax rates if eligible

  • Ability to add “credit card(s) on file”

Questions or assistance?

If you have any questions or need assistance with an HPM account or credit, please call (808) 966-5466 or email