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Housing Initiatives

Housing Initiatives

Homes for Hawaii's Families

Housing Initiatives

Since our founding more than 100 years ago, HPM Building Supply has focused on providing building materials for homes and businesses. As our company has grown, so has our commitment to our community and innovation that increases attainable housing and reduces houselessness. 

Today, as part of our mission to help our community build and live better, we are proud to be among the many organizations sharing expertise and resources to address the statewide housing crisis.

Housing Crisis

The housing crisis is a complex problem that affects all of us. Hawaiʻi has the highest Cost of Living Index in the U.S., and local families are often priced out of homeownership. Households that are either Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE), unable to afford basic living costs, or live below the poverty line continue to grow at alarming rates.

Our state has a severe housing shortage, and the 50,000 homes projected to be built from 2020-2025 will fulfill just a fraction of the demand. The Census Bureau estimate in 2022 showed that Hawaii’s population has been declining for five consecutive years, and the unspoken understanding is that many people have moved out of state to escape the price of paradise.

Source: Housing Demand Survey and Hawaii Housing Model, Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation, 2019.

HPM Housing

Our Approach


Throughout our 100+ years, we have always believed that new ideas and strategies can transform the building industry and create a win-win between businesses and the community.


As a 100% local employee-owned company, we truly care for those whom we serve. We are all part of this community together, and we share our love for Hawaii as our home.


We believe that the best solutions are developed through the collaboration and combined efforts of businesses, nonprofits, government agencies and community leaders.

Hope Services Hawai'i

On November 8, 2023, Hope Services and HPM Building Supply unveiled the Sacred Heart Affordable Housing Project, a Pāhoa development composed of 12 locally made factory-built homes and a resource office for seniors. 

Our Initiatives

Here are some of the many ways that HPM and our owner-employees are pursuing solutions to the housing crisis.

Future Development of Affordable Factory-Built Starter Homes

We are developing a modular, factory-built, and transportable home concept called HalePlus. HPM’s goal is to help our local communities by providing entry-level homes and an alternative housing solution. Learn more about HalePlus.

Shelter for Those In Need

From providing micro shelters for families displaced by the 2018 Kilauea Eruption to assisting with initiatives such as Oahu’s Kahauiki Village and the County of Hawaii’s Ka Lamaku and Hale Lanakahi shelters, we are a committed partner in quickly standing up community-based projects that respond to critical needs.

Long-Term Rental Housing for Kupuna

We are proud to partner with HOPE Services on the Hawai‘i Sacred Hearts Community Housing Project, which will provide affordable studios for previously houseless seniors on Hawaii Island.

Building Supplies for Hawaiian Homelands

We continue to support the awardees of the Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL) with building materials & home packages.

Helping Local Families Achieve Homeownership

Our HPM Homes packaged home plans and pre-approved home models have helped thousands of people since the 1980s to build their homes quicker, more efficiently and more economically. We also supply Habitat for Humanity and the Hawaii Island Community Development Corporation (HICDC) with building materials as they help families in need of assistance to build and afford their own homes.

Taking Care of Our HPM Ohana

We make it a priority to help our owner-employees realize their own homeownership dreams. In addition to employee discounts on building materials, and home packages, we also offer an optional HalePlus Home Ownership Program for employees, where HPM buys the land and builds a factory-built HalePlus home, and the owner-employee can then purchase the home at a discounted rate.

Participating in Solution Finding

HPM and our owner-employees are proud to be part of and support organizations that are leading change, including: