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Pre-Built HPM Sheds

HPM Sheds are factory-built to ensure top quality and are fully assembled. Work with a pro to have them delivered and set on site so you can live better and do more with extra storage space! Whether you’re looking to store your tools, equipment or other items, HPM Sheds are the perfect long-lasting solution to complete your outdoor space.


Pre-Built HPM Sheds are manufactured on Hawaii Island. For neighbor island inquiries, please contact our Sheds team for shipping information.


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HPM Shed Features

• Fully assembled and ready to use

• Primed and ready to paint exterior and unfinished interior (with visible studs)

• Built in our manufacturing facility with strict adherence to building standards

• Available in 3 sizes: 10' x 8', 10' x 12' and 10' x 20'

• Single and double-door options

• Includes HPM Custom Metal Roofing with 1' overhang on the front and back, LP® SmartSide® Siding, Vinyl Sliding Windows, and four (4) or six (6) pre-cast concrete blocks (depending on shed size)






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Delivery and Installation

• Sheds are built and available for pickup at the HPM Building Supply Shipman location in Keaau on Hawaii Island

• An initial site assessment by HPM or your licensed contractor is recommended prior to purchase

• Delivery and installation should be arranged with a licensed contractor. If you need assistance, contact our Sheds team for our partner's information



HPM Sheds are intended for utility use only and are not meant for use as a residential dwelling. HPM Sheds do not include interior finishing, plumbing, electrical or lighting fixtures. Alternative foundation systems are not included but may be added at an additional cost.




Available Sizes


10x8 HPM Pre-Built Shed

8' X 10'


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10 X 12 HPM Pre-Built Shed

10' X 12'


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10 X 20 HPM Pre-Built Shed

10' X 20'


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Frequently Asked Questions



1. How do I start the process?

Final location and accessibility to your property are important considerations when delivering and installing our fully pre-assembled sheds. A site assessment from HPM, a structural mover, or contractor is the first step in determining if your property is a feasible location for our pre-built sheds. We recommend finding an experienced and licensed professional to help with the delivery and installation. Please complete the form below to have our team contact you for more information. You may also call (808)319-2847 or email 


2. What is the cost of the shed?

The cost of the sheds are $7,999 - $11,999, plus tax depending on the size of the shed. Delivery and installation are not included and should be quoted separately. Pricing in subject to change.


3. How long does it take to get a shed?

The manufacturing process can take up to 2 weeks from the start of production. Production start times are subject to job scheduling and workload at the time of ordering. Customers should work with their contractor to schedule delivery and installation. 


4. What material is the shed built out of?

Our utility sheds are built using HPM's Pre-engineered Wall Panels and rafter system, with pre-painted Custom Metal Roofing, and engineered LP® SmartSide® Siding panels. Interior finishings, plumbing, and electrical are not included. Shed exteriors are primed and ready to paint and have an unfinished interior with visible studs.


5. What sizes do the sheds come in?

Sheds are available in 3 sizes: 10' x 8', 10' x 12' and 10' x 20'. We are unable to accommodate any modifications to the sheds.



6. What does the shed include?

All sheds include HPM's Custom Metal Roofing with a 1' overhang on the front and back of the shed, engineered LP® SmartSide® siding panels, vinyl windows, four (4) or six (6) pre-cast concrete blocks (depending on shed size), and the option for a single or double pre-hung door.


7. What kind of foundation does the shed fit on?

It is best to discuss the most appropriate foundation solution for your property with your contractor, or one of HPM's contractor partners, prior to purchasing. All sheds come with four (4) or six (6) pre-cast concrete blocks (depending on shed size) and more are available for purchase if needed. Alternative foundation systems are not included but may be added at an additional cost.


8. Can I customize the shed?

In order to ensure quality and a timely delivery, we are not offering changes or customizations at this time.


9. Do I need to get a permit?

Our product is designed and built as a utility structure. Under the Hawaii County Building Code, utility structures measuring 200 sq. ft. do not require a permit. However, accessory structures, such as sheds, do need to follow zoning setback requirements per County Code Chapter 25, Article 5. For specific questions, please reach out to the County of Hawaii Building Division and Planning Departments

If applicable, please refer to your neighborhood's HOA for any additional requirements.


10. Are the sheds available on other islands?

Interisland transportation is available to major island ports. Installation, delivery, and scheduling pick-up at the destination port will be the responsibility of the customer or their contractor.



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