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Now more than ever, Hawaii needs more affordable, attainable homes. We thank you for your continued interest HalePlus, HPM's local factory-built home concept and appreciate your support as we work on making homeownership a reality on Hawaii Island and its community.



Why The +?



The fastest way to get a home built in Hawaii, construction times are significantly shortened by building homes in sections in a strict quality controlled factory-environment. 



With HalePlus, your home can grow with your changing needs. Add a bedroom or lanai, or even move your home to a new location! Start with what’s right for you today with the confidence it’ll be right for you in the future. 



A streamlined modular building process costs significantly less with reduced labor and waste compared to conventionally built homes on construction sites.

Hale+ Made in Hawaii for Hawaii

Our nearly 100-year history in Hawaii means your HalePlus home will be manufactured by local professionals who understand what it means to build a home for life in the Islands. All HalePlus homes are precision-built and pre-assembled by HPM staff at our manufacturing facility in Keaau. The units are transported and installed by qualified local contractors and finished by certified carpenters, plumbers and electricians. Our HalePlus homes fully comply with Big Island building codes and permitting requirements. Now, you can achieve your dream of home ownership in the Islands. 





1. Why HalePlus?

At HPM, we’re on a mission to help our community build better and live better. HalePlus is a new and innovative project to create truly affordable factory-built homes that put home ownership within reach for more people. These smaller dynamic homes are expandable, locally made following all building code requirements, modular, transportable and can generally be built for less than $100,000 for a base one-bedroom model, and even less for our studio.

2. Are HalePlus homes modular?

HalePlus goes beyond modular. Even after your home is built it can grow with your family’s changing needs, adding modules like an extra bedroom or a home office.

3. How are HalePlus homes constructed?

HalePlus homes are pre-assembled in modules using wall panels, trusses and other quality building materials at HPM’s manufacturing facility in Keaau. HPM has worked with the County of Hawaii Building Division throughout the entire HalePlus development process, and factory-built modules are subject to the same codes, regulations and permitting as site-built homes. HalePlus modules are transported and installed at the build site by the licensed General Contractor you select to build your home. HPM is developing standard processes and will create a HalePlus contractor training program for local contractors.


4. How big are HalePlus homes?

HalePlus homes are uniquely designed so you’ll always have just the right size home for your current needs. There will be a selection of HalePlus homes available, with the base Studio unit sized at 280 sq. ft., the smallest one-bedroom unit sized at 576 square feet, and a two-bedroom unit sized at 720 sq. ft. The homes can be expanded with several optional configurations.

5. How long will it take for a HalePlus Home to be built?

A HalePlus homebuyer will be able to take delivery of a studio model within two months of the manufacturing start date, with the option to add on other modules up front or in the future. This is one of the fastest ways to build a home in Hawaiʻi because of the factory building process.

6. Do I need to get a building permit for these homes?

Yes. HalePlus follows the same permitting procedures as traditional site-built projects, and a building permit application will be submitted for each HalePlus unit prior to the actual site installation. Securing a permit also allows you to apply for bank financing and home insurance.

7. What construction project management services are included?

HalePlus will help homeowners with the home planning process which includes preliminary site assessment, coordination with HPM design services, permit submittal with the County of Hawaii, and coordination with general contractor for installation.


Hale+ Built with Local Partners

HPM is proud to have been part of Hawaii’s building industry for nearly 100 years, and we value our relationships with building industry professionals, including contractors, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and other specialists. HalePlus homes will be installed and finished on-site by licensed general contractors and sub-contractors. We will be creating a HalePlus contractor training program, and we hope to engage with any contractor who is interested in working on HalePlus units.

HalePlus for Pros