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Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors

When looking for new windows or doors to enhance your home, choose a set that matches your aesthetic and lifestyle. Count on our knowledgeable window & door specialists to help you find the right products to fit your home and climate, whether you’re looking for jalousies, skylights, single-hung models, or sliders. All the options in our selection are cost-effective and long-lasting.

Plus, we can special-order products and customize their size, material, and color, on Hawai'i Island, Maui, and O'ahu, providing a wealth of choices, or choose from our selection of in-stock windows from Alpine Windows. Our team is happy to assist with free consultations and quotes.

In-Stock Window Options

We stock Alpine Windows, which are known for their high-quality vinyl and solid construction. Their custom-made products undergo extensive testing to meet strict industry certification requirements and can be upgraded with energy-efficient SolarTherm® insulated glass.

Window & Door Material Options


Vinyl is low-maintenance and affordable, making it extremely popular for windows. Plus, it’s durable and insulating against Hawaii’s variable weather. The material comes in a wide variety of colors and styles.


The higher upfront cost of wood is well invested in its unique, timeless look and superior insulation. When maintained properly, wood windows can last a lifetime and be customized over the years with paints, stains, and carvings. Additional options are available to protect the exterior by wrapping wood with vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum.


Sleek and strong yet lightweight and low-maintenance, aluminum is favored for modern homes with its clean lines. The metal is customizable, affordable, and available in a range of styles. It’s also 100% recyclable.


A versatile, paintable material that offers low maintenance, fiberglass’ durability surpasses steel. It is also known for its protection against termites and pests and its long-lasting performance.


Composite refers to a blend of materials, such as wood and vinyl, creating a new material that offers the best of both. A composite or fiberglass frame is a solid choice for durability and long-lasting quality.

Window Styles


Opening from the bottom and hinged at the top, an awning allows for plenty of airflow.


A casement window opens from the side with a crank, making it convenient for difficult-to-reach places.


Opening the operable top and bottom sash of a double-hung window provides optimal air circulation.


With a fixed top sash and movable bottom sash, a single-hung window is secure and energy-efficient.


A sliding window opens horizontally along a top and bottom track.

Specialty Options

But wait, there's more! In addition to these popular options, we offer jalousie, picture, pass-through, hopper, and many other window designs to fit the functionality of your home.

Featured Window Brands

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Our team is ready to partner with you on your current or future project. Contact us for a free quote.