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Custom Metal Roofing Paint & Colors



Standard Colors


All colors shown on this Color Selection Guide are approximate representations and final selection should be made from metal samples available at HPM and Miyake-HPM locations. All colors are available in 26 gauge. 24 gauge and aluminum substrate options available in limited quantities. Standard coating thickness on the exterior is 1 mil including 0.2 mil primer. Offering subject to change without notice.


Color Chart



Specialty & Custom Colors


Additional specialty colors and custom color matching services are available upon request. These orders are subject to minimum quantities and extended lead times. Please call for more information.




Premium PVDF Coating with Durapon 70


Durapon 70® a unique Proprietary Resin System that incorporates 70% Polyvinylidine Fluoride (PVDF). Designed as a premium finish to provide outstanding protection from acid rain and corrosive environments. Durapon 70 coatings provide excellent color retention and resistance to chalking and fading for a long-lasting finish. Durapon 70 has the best hardness (H min.) to flexibility (1-2T) ratio available in the industry. 

Available in a wide variety of colors, including metallic and exotic finishes, Durapon 70 incorporates high-quality exterior grade and durable, color-fast ceramic pigments. The use of mica pigments in metallic colors eliminates the need for a clear overcoat. Our special base resin resists dirt pick up and provides a durable tough finish that is extra scratch, stain, and mar resistant.

Durapon 70 is designed for application to Hot Dipped Galvanized, Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Steel (i.e. ZincaIume®, Galvalume®) and Aluminum substrates.


Durapon70 coating system reflects heat
Durapon70 Coating


Performance values for Durapon 70 are available at


Colors are offered in various materials, thicknesses and panel profiles. Custom colors and thicker coatings are available subject to minimum quantity requirements. All colors shown are approximate representations and final selection should be made from metal samples available at HPM. Although HPM does not provide a warranty for Custom Metal Roofing, the Durapon 70 coating system provided by Dura Coat offers a limited 30-year warranty.


See Dura Coat care and maintenance instructions, here.



Edge Seal for Added Protection


Edge Seal is a clear, air-dried sealant that protects uncoated metal from corrosion and retards the effects of sulfur dioxide, a compound emitted by the volcano that makes air here more corrosive. Dura Coat recommends roofing installers apply Edge Seal to all cut edges in the field. Home and business owners are encouraged to follow up every year with regular cleaning of the entire roof system and re-application of the sealant on its edges.